Olive Wood Serving Set, with Batik inlay. Big & Medium

Olive Wood Serving Set, with Batik inlay. Big & Medium


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Olive Wood Serving Set, with Batik inlay. Big & Medium

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Materials:  bone, olive wood, wood

Artfully carved from a single piece of wild olive wood using simple hand tools, this rustic pair of wooden salad servers showcase the beautiful natural wood-grain, contrasted by handles featuring traditional batik African art in a bone inlay design.
Care: Hand wash only. Periodically treat wood with food-grade mineral oil or olive oil to maintain their beauty and luster.

2-Piece Set

Product Features:
Because these are made by hand using rudimentary hand tools, no two are identical and variations are to be appreciated and enjoyed by the consumer.

Socially responsible product assortments that is empowering consumers to purchase according to their values and help alleviate poverty.

Fair Trade is so much more than a product assortment. It’s about safe workplaces, fair wages + community investment for factory employees.

Package includes: 1 Set

Colors: Natural

Materials: Ethically handmade in Kenya from wood and bone

Inlay design on handle is from highly polished and sanitized cow bone, sourced from natural causes.

Dimensions: 12″inches long; 2.5-inches to 3.5-inches wide and the smaller one 10″ long & 3″ wide


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